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MMA Revolution was created to help everyone achieve great results by participating in Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or any other martial art. Few other sports can have such a “revolutionary” effect on one’s life if you’ll only give it a puncher’s chance!

This site’s one goal is to educate, train, motivate, and inspire as many people as possible through our content. We cover all techniques and styles and answer the important questions that inevitably arise over your fighting journey.

Our coverage spans the following categories:

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The Team

Thomas Davies (Chief Writer & Editor) – As a Boxing and MMA enthusiast, Thomas has spent the better part of a decade teaching and growing the sport through his writing. His goal is to pass on the unique health & life benefits that combat sports can provide.

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Our Editorial Policies

Our main objective with MMA Revolution is to create in-depth, insightful pieces that offer practical answers to questions and solutions to the challenges we all eventually face in this sport.

We thoroughly investigate each topic to offer the best possible resource. Our writers can draw any conclusions after conducting independent research and assembling facts.

The gear we suggest has been thoroughly and impartially selected without any outside interference, so only the best is recommended.

Product reviews are based on hands-on, personal experience plus in-house analysis of specs, features, consumer feedback, and comparisons of similar products.

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