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The 10 Best Boxing Shoes (For Every Kind of Boxer)

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The foundation of your boxing training starts with a good pair of boxing shoes. No matter your experience level, good shoes for boxing will enable your workouts and training to be far more effective and enjoyable.

The best boxing shoes provide excellent ankle support and free your feet for effortless movement in the ring, something regular cross-trainer athletic shoes cannot provide.

There are many shoes to choose from in several different styles, and this guide will help you choose the right boxing shoes for your situation.

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Top 10 Boxing Boots & Shoes

1. Adidas Box Hog 2Boxing Hi-TopSyntheticRubber
2. Adidas Speedex 18Boxing Hi-TopSyntheticRubber
3. Venum Boxing ShoeBoxing Hi-TopPU/MeshRubber
4. Otomix Stingray EscapeMMA/BoxingLeather/NylonRubber
5. Ringside Undefeated Hi TopHigh Top BootPatent LeatherRubber
6. Asics Aggressor 2WrestlingEcsaine UpperRubber
7. Adidas Adizero XIVWrestlingSyntheticRubber
8. Everlast Elite High TopBoxing MidSuede/MicrofiberRubber
9. Otomix WarriorMMA/BoxingLeather/PolyesterRubber
10. Ringside DiabloBoxing MidPatent Leather/VinylRubber

Because of the different styles, we feel it would be beneficial to review a few of the best boxing shoes from each category – Low Top, High Top, Boxing Boots, and Wrestling style shoes. That way, you understand your options and can pick the best shoes for your training needs and add them to your boxing wardrobe.

Best Overall: Adidas Box Hog

  • Highly regarded boxing shoes for people of all skill levels.
  • Great fit for people with slim feet.

Sporting the classic Adidas pattern, these shoes are made as stylish as they are comfortable. The Box Hogs are generally medium-priced as boxing shoes go and are considered one of the oldest and most popular options.

Featuring a light, breathable design and great gum sole traction. They seem especially made for people with slimmer feet, so those with wider feet may need to buy a size larger.

The shoe soles are not designed to be frequently worn outside the ring/gym. You will want to change out of these shoes in the locker room and into some sneakers.

The simple black-and-white combination seems to be the most popular, but you can potentially find other colors in some markets. The Box Hog name is also used in other editions, such as the Box Hog 3 and wrestling shoes.

Lightweight: Adidas Speedex 18

If you love ultralight shoes for boxing, the Adidas Speedex is a great shoe. They are based on an Adiwear rubber outer sole, and you’ll notice they don’t wrap around the edges like a wrestling shoe.

The Speedex is designed as a legit boxing shoe only. Next, see the white upper portions. Those are ankle supports that tie your heel to the ankle for support. The laces integrate with the supports, so you can comfortably cinch them.

The rest of the Speedex is constructed of a single-layer lightweight mesh that allows your feet to breathe and stay cool. They come in half sizes, so order true to your normal shoe size.

Finally, I just love the minimalist aesthetics of the Speedex shoes. They just look fast. I would have no reservations about buying these as my next boxing training shoes.

Premium Mid-Tops: Venum Elite

  • Featuring a stylish, glossy finish on a black background.
  • Breathable, with a strong pivot and arch, reinforced design.

Presenting the first edition in the Venum Elite line of boxing shoes.  Sporting a flashier form, they are black with several glossy colored trims. Created with a tight fit, with plenty of ankle and arch support for lots of twists and turns.

Venum Elite shoes cost you more than your typical boxing footwear options.  The outsoles are rubber, and bonded insoles help to prevent slipping. While these shoes are a newer product, they were developed using input from actual professional boxers, including Jorge Linares, Juan Francisco Estrada, and Miguel Berchelt.

Best Boxing Boots: Ringside Undefeated

The Ringside Undefeated are traditional boxing boots well known for providing the best ankle support possible.

You should find the Ringside Undefeated a comfortable and lightweight shoe, but remember they are specialized boots for boxing only. So don’t go around thinking you can do everything with them. The rubber soles are great for gliding around the canvas and doing your boxing workouts but aren’t suitable for running, wrestling, or other sports.

Even though these shoes only come in White or Black, they are made of patent leather and vinyl, making them look very nice when you lace them up. Like most high tops, these only come in full sizes, so consider any socks and Achilles supports you wear in your boxing boots.

MMA & Boxing Mid-Top: Otomix Stingray Escape

The Stingray Escapes are nice multi-purpose boxing/grappling shoes from Otomix, a company known for their experience in martial arts and fitness gear.

The Stingrays feature a nice-looking leather/polyester shoe with thin, lightweight rubber soles. Most customers seem to like how comfortable they are, as well as being lightweight.

The Stingray comes in cool colors like Camo and Red, White & Blue, and more traditional boxing colors like Black, Red, and Blue. The laces run two holes above the ankle to provide a snug fit with good ankle support and free mobility.

Best Wrestling Shoe for Boxing: Asics Aggressor

The Asics Aggressor 4 is an awesome shoe for wrestling and makes a quality option for boxing. The upper shoe is made from a soft material called Ecsaine that is very soft and form-able to your feet.

These shoes have extra features for comfort, like padding up the tongues and around the collar. The Aggressor 2’s can provide a snug but form-fitting fit thanks to the adjustable Velcro ankle strap.

The outside of the shoe is equally badass. Like most wrestling-style shoes, the rubber sole curves up the outer sole for extra grip while working on the mat.

What I like about these shoes is the large variety of colorways available, which comes in at an impressive 15 options. My favorites are the basic White/Black, the Graphite/Sunflower/Black, and the Fire Red/Black/Graphite.

Best Lightweight Wrestling Shoe: Adidas Adizero XIV

These Adidas shoes are part of the minimalist “Adizero” family of wrestling shoes and work great as lightweight boxing shoes.

The minimal rubber sole is a little flatter than some of the curved wrestling models you can buy and has both suede and rubber inserts, making it good for general boxing usage.

The sizes run mostly true, but perhaps shade a half size small on some people. Even though they are minimalist, the uppers should be comfortable to wear during a boxing workout. The styling is also a high point of these shoes, with a dozen colorways available. My personal favorites are the Grey/Black/Solar Gold versions.

Budget Hi-Tops: Everlast Elite High Top

  • Formulated as a hybrid shoe for gym workouts and boxing.
  • It features an extra ankle strap for even more support.

Unlike shoes with smooth, gum-based soles, these use a deeply textured shoe tread. The textured soles are designed specifically to increase traction for confident footwork. They are slightly heavier construction and provide more support around the foot for gym workouts.  Tread and extra ankle support are great for lateral movement and multi-faceted training days.

The boots are priced squarely in the middle of the pack, making them a good option for many buyers. They are available in stylish colors like black, blue, and red and incorporate a mesh fabric for breathability and lighter weight.

Generally speaking, the best feature is that they are designed for multiple training options. These may work well for you if you need a good shoe for various boxing-related exercises, not just sparring.

Boxing & Grappling Shoe: Otomix Warrior

  • Wide toe box for wider feet, yet true to size.
  • The soft insole and good grip provide an excellent feel and feedback for boxing.

The Otomix Warrior is another MMA/Boxing/Weightlifting all-purpose shoe. Boxing purists are not usually fans of this kind of shoe, but they work well for various sports. The shoes run mid-height for great ankle support, and the laces tuck away neatly behind the Otomix patented tongue design. The clean and tight feeling of no laces flopping around is wonderful for boxing.

The shoes are called Ninja Warrior because they are light yet supportive and have a thin, grippy outsole that will make you feel quick and spry in the ring. If you have wider feet at the toes, these would be great, thanks to a slightly wider toe box area, but they stay true to size overall.

Athletic Mid-Tops: Ringside Diablo

  • Available in a variety of colors and shiny patent leather vinyl finish.
  • Mid-top design, good for training in a variety of combat sports.

These shoes feature glossy, bright exteriors in many different colors. With versions in yellow, orange, blue, red, black, white, and lime green, you can find your new favorite footwear here if you like bright colors. They are available in men’s and women’s shoes, including a popular hot pink design for women. They feature rubber soles and mesh sides for breathability.

Cost-conscious buyers will love that these shoes give you a flashy look at low prices.  They are designed to be useful in multiple fighting styles, including boxing, wrestling, and Muay Thai. While they can be used for activities outside the ring, you would not want to run or train on concrete. Young boxers will love the bright colors and light construction, while parents will not break the bank.

Features Boxers MUST Look for in Shoes

Boxing is a unique sport where footwork is the foundation of all other skills. Your boxing shoes should feel like part of your feet and legs. With that in mind, there are some very specific requirements and features to consider when choosing boxing shoes for your training kit.

Rival Lo Top Boxing Boot

High Top vs. Low Top – High Tops, or Boots, are considered the “traditional” choice in boxing shoes, but Low Tops are also extremely popular.

If you know you need superior ankle support or plan on being competitive, choose High Top boxing shoes.

If you are a beginner and plan on doing mostly sparring, shadow boxing, and heavy bag workouts, with the occasional fight, then pick a good Low Top boxing shoe.

Boxing vs. Wrestling Shoes – In your search for boxing shoes, you will see that many wrestling shoes are also marketed toward boxers.

They are very similar in appearance, but for a few key points. Wrestling shoes typically have rubber soles that wrap up the sides of the foot, providing grip on the mat from all positions.

A specialized boxing shoe has stiffer soles with less tread, allowing your feet to glide easily on the floor or canvas.

Good Grip – Boxing shoe soles are usually rubber or leather. Leather soles allow you to have the best footwork in the boxing ring but have less traction.

Rubber soles are more common these days and are lightweight with more grip.

Good boxing shoes have soles that provide a good grip but don’t impede your footwork or punching.

Breathable Upper – The upper materials on boxing shoes are typically a mix of leather, suede, and synthetic. Most top boxing shoes are made from leather and synthetic nylon. Leather provides comfort and support, while nylon is lightweight and breathable.

Strong Ankle Support – The shoes we reviewed have plenty of ankle support. Boxing and wrestling shoes have laces high up the foot, with uppers wrapping around above the ankle.

If you plan on fighting at any point, ankle support is extremely important, and you should focus on high tops.

Full Sizes – Most boxing shoes fit like any other athletic shoe. There are some exceptions where they are only sized in full sizes (9, 10, 11, etc.).

Some boxing shoes also run a little narrow, so be sure to read the sizing info carefully before ordering. Lady fighters should consider ordering 1 to 1.5 sizes smaller than the Men’s.

Why Boxing Shoes Make a Difference

Boxing has movements and actions that are unlike other sports. Just like you wouldn’t wear running shoes to play basketball, you won’t like wearing grippy cross-trainers while training to box.

Boxing shoes are designed with the right shape and materials to provide the right grip and cushioning to make boxing stances and movements.

Proper boxing shoes will allow you to pivot, slide, and step while feeling light-footed and quick yet provide enough grip for punching and driving to throw uppercuts. Your feet will thank you as you prowl around the ring and training floor!

Which Boxing Shoes Should You Buy?

So, when it comes down to making a decision, you might ask yourself if it’s worth buying a special pair of shoes for boxing training. If you are serious about learning to box or boxing for fitness, then the answer is an easy YES.

Getting the best boxing shoes you can afford will help you get the most out of your boxing training program. You will feel fast and fleet of foot during your drills and workouts because you have invested in the proper footwear.

How Boxing Shoes Should Fit

Your shoes should fit like normal athletic shoes, with a close fit when laced up. There will be enough room for your toes to wiggle and snug around the top of your foot and ankle. This will provide a comfortable and wearable shoe that doesn’t restrict the movement of your legs and ankles. They should not be so loose that your feet slide around inside, leading to blisters.

What are Good Boxing Shoe Brands?

For those shoppers that are brand conscious with their apparel choices, here is some general information regarding brands. Please be aware that many brands intentionally provide a wide selection of products, while others a smaller, specialized offering.

NikeTitle BoxingMizuno

Popular Brands

  • Adidas – One of the oldest and most popular shoe brands.  Adidas provides a wide variety of options with different price levels and across many sports. Adidas also provides a strong catalog of other boxing products, including gloves and pads.
  • Reebok – Reebok is recognized worldwide for shoes.  However, the foray into boxing is more recent, with a much smaller selection. However, Reebok Boxing Shoes are favorites among many championship and amateur fighters.
  • Nike – Everyone knows Nike does sports shoes, and Machomai is one of the most well-known shoes in boxing. That being said, Nike offers a wide variety of shoes in almost every design and price range.
  • Rival – Another well-known name in boxing with a few models, including sizes for kids.  Most Rival shoes are on the lower price end, making them good shoes for more thrifty consumers.
  • Venum – With the snake logo and glossy design, Venum seems designed to capture the market looking for shoes that make a statement. They are fairly high priced for general boxing shoes, so they are likely targeted toward slightly more discriminating boxers.

Budget Brands

  • Asics – This brand provides some of the most cost-conscious shoes across the sports shoe market. Most of the shoes they sell specifically seem designed for wrestling and boxing. That generality may be helpful for MMA practitioners who enjoy both sports.
  • Ringside – Definitely on the lowest end of shoes, they can be good for people who want to try boxing-specific shoes.
  • Title Boxing – Title is a great name in general boxing gear.  They offer cheap to mid-priced boxing shoes in varying degrees of quality.
  • Everlast – Everlast is another great name in boxing gear. However, they have not been able to make as much traction in the shoe department.
  • Otomix – Otomix is another brand known generally for sports equipment.  However, their shoes may be a bit pricey, considering their relatively low popularity.

Specialty Brands

  • Winning – These are on the lower end of the luxury brands for those who want the best while paying a bit less.  They are especially lightweight while maintaining a quality design.
  • Reyes – Cleto Reyes Leather shoes are not nearly as expensive as other varieties on this specialty list. However, they feature a quality leather design, with a side zipper and laces. They are also lighter than most shoes around the same price.
  • Mizuno – These Japanese shoes are among the most expensive in the general market.  They specialize in feather-light, comfortable, and high-performing shoes.
  • Dinardo – These are the highest-end shoes available to the general public.  They are handcrafted and made of Italian leather.

Can Wrestling Shoes Be Used for Boxing?

You may be surprised to know that boxing with wrestling shoes is quite common. Wrestling shoes are lightweight, have good ankle support, and have plenty of grip.

Speaking of grip, wrestlers need it at all kinds of angles, so the outer soles tend to extend up the toes and sides. This is not necessarily a problem for boxing, but something to be aware of. You want some grip but not so much that you can’t properly pivot on the balls of your feet.

What about Lifting Shoes for Boxing?

Lifting shoes are another alternative to regular boxing boots. Brands like Otomix market their general fitness/weightlifting shoes to boxers, and people seem to be OK with them. If you only occasionally box as part of your regular training routines, you might be OK. Otherwise, stick to regular boots or wrestling shoes.

Are Boxing Shoes Good for Running?

You can run in boxing shoes, but not recommended for long distances. Jogging and warm-ups on the treadmill in your boots are totally fine. It’s the punishing impacts over long-distance runs that you need to avoid. Even the top boxing boots were never designed with that in mind and do not have enough cushioning.

Are Boxing Shoes Good for Cross-Training?

It depends on how you like to cross-train. HIIT and CrossFit-type exercises are probably going to be OK. You’d be better off with athletic shoes with lots of running and jumping where cushioning and grip are important.

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