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5 Best Heavy Bag Stands for Home Gyms

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A heavy bag is an essential piece of equipment for learning to box or just getting into shape, as it allows you to improve your power and boost your stamina. When installing your heavy bag, you’ll have the option to hang it from a hook or use a free-standing base.

When suspending a heavy bag from a hook, you’ll be forced to practice your footwork during your training sessions, as the bag will sway from one side to the other. Free-standing bags, on the other hand, remain in a static position, which limits your development. Additionally, free-standing heavy bags are often not durable enough for MMA fighters. They’ll topple easily with an overly-powerful sequence.

One of the issues most people have with hanging heavy bags is the fact that they need to put holes in their walls or ceiling for a hook.

The good news is that a punching bag stand provides you with a hook for the bag while also being durable enough to stay upright, even during the heaviest of blows. The stands are movable and don’t require hooks being installed into the ceiling.

When browsing online or in your local sporting goods store, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the numerous heavy bag stands available. This fact is especially the case for fighters in training, as they need to ensure that the bag they choose is durable enough for daily use. Fortunately, we’ve reviewed dozens of products and come up with the five best heavy bag stands for home gyms today.

5 Best Heavy Bag Stands Reviews

Heavy Bag Stand:
Editor's Choice
Century Corner Man Hanger (2 Box Item) Hanging Training Bag, Steel Frame Compatible With Heavy Bags...
Speed Bag Hook:
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100 lbs
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Editor's Choice
Heavy Bag Stand:
Century Corner Man Hanger (2 Box Item) Hanging Training Bag, Steel Frame Compatible With Heavy Bags...
Speed Bag Hook:
Max Bag Wgt:
100 lbs
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A heavy bag stand allows you to take your training sessions to the next level without having to drill holes into the ceiling. After extensive testing and reading online reviews, we feel that the five products listed below are the best bag stands available. No matter if you’re purchasing for a home gym or a boxing gym, we’re confident that you’ll find yourself satisfied when choosing one of these options.

1. Century Cornerman

The Century Cornerman is the #1 best heavy bag stand available, so long as you have a large enough corner in your gym.

Standout Features

  • Six different settings allow you to vary the height from 72” to 102.”
  • Heavy duty design does not require plates for stability
  • Adjustable legs ensure a perfect fit in the corner of your gym

This stand offers about as permanent a solution as you can get without drilling a hook into your wall or ceiling. Century designed this stand so that it hugs the corner, providing a stable base that can support a bag weighing up to 100 pounds.

The stand is made primarily of 16-gauge steel that is three inches thick. Century also added a no-slip, shock-absorbing design that ensures the bag remains stationary in your corner during the most rigorous of training sessions. The legs on the stand extend up to 7.5’ from the center. The further you spread the legs, the more stable the base. We recommend having ample space in your gym when using this stand.

This bag is also ideal if you have multiple fighters training out of your home or gym. Century provided six height adjustments with this bag, allowing you to choose from heights ranging from 72” to 102”. If you were hanging the bag from the ceiling, you wouldn’t be able to adjust the height nearly as quickly. This bag allows you to transition from ultra-lightweight to heavyweight fighters seamlessly.

The Century stand runs nearly $500, making it one of the more expensive options on our list. Its cost makes this stand best-suited for those ready to make a long-term investment in a stand that lasts for years.

2. Titan Dual Station Bag Stand

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If you’re interested in a punching bag stand that also provides you with access to a speed bag, you’ll want to check out the Dual Station Bag Stand from Titan Fitness.

Standout Features

  • Dual heavy and speed bag access
  • The width is merely 47.”
  • Powder-painted steel tubing is more resistant to rust

If you’re a fighter who likes to work both speed and power into your workouts, then this could be the best punching bag stand for you. The bag provides hooks for both heavy and speed bags, allowing fighters to maximize the space in their gym.

This stand has an overall height of 83.5” and height-to-bag support of 80”. The length of this stand is 62”, while the width is 47”, making it less bulky than the Century Cornerman stand. The Dual Station Bag Stand weighs 63 pounds and has a bag capacity of 100 pounds. Titan Fitness made this stand of powder-coated steel tubing, making the product incredibly durable and resistant to rust.

Customers should know that this stand comes with three weight plate pegs. They’ll need to add weight plates to the product to anchor it in place. You’ll need to make sure that you place enough weight on the stand to not only support your heavy bag but to support a rigorous training session with the speed bag as well.

If you don’t have weight plates in your gym, having them to purchase them could drive up costs of this stand. Check with Titan Fitness before buying, as the stand may cost a bit less ordering directly from Titan. The company also protects against defects in workmanship and material for one year following the date of purchase.

3. Century Heavy Bag Training Stand

Those with limited space in their gym who are looking to cut down on how much equipment they need to purchase should find this product quite appealing.

Standout Features

  • Includes pull-up bars and dip handles
  • Takes up minimal space in the gym
  • Sturdy enough to hold at least 300 pounds

Pull-ups are an excellent exercise to build strength in your back, allowing you to put more into your punches. With the Century Heavy Bag Training Stand, you won’t have to drill holes into your wall for pull-up and dip bars. This stand is an all-in-one solution that allows you to perform pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, and push-ups in between training with your heavy bag.

This stand measures roughly 70” x 7.2” x 22.5”, meaning it takes up very little space in your gym. In fact, this bag is the narrowest option of the five we reviewed. Century used durable aluminum when creating this product.

Century provides a hook that allows up to hang heavy bags weighing up to 100 pounds. However, during testing, we found that the pull-up bar supported at least 300 pounds. The stand comes with pegs that allow you to use weight plates as anchors. We highly recommend doing so, since you’ll likely be doing a lot of pushing and pulling against the frame while using its various features.

The Century Heavy Bag Training Stand is a bit pricier than some of the other stands on our list, but it could be a worthwhile investment for those with limited space in a home gym, as it allows you to cut down on how many pieces of equipment they must buy.

4. Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

If you’re looking for an affordable heavy bag from one of the most trusted names in the boxing and fighting industry, then you’ll want to check out the Everlast Heavy Bag Stand.

Standout Features

  • Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tubing
  • Adjustable height
  • Affordable

Everlast is a company with a rich history in the boxing industry, so it’s no surprise to see them make their way onto our list of the punching bag stands. The stand features heavy-duty, powder-coated steel tubing, which means it can withstand years of training.

This bag features an adjustable height that allows fighters to move seamlessly from heavy bag training to speed bag training. Unlike the previously-reviewed model from Titan Fitness, the Everlast stand contains one hook instead of two. Having one hook means that trainers will need to remove one bag to use the other. However, it also allows the stand will take up less space in your gym.

The Everlast Stand measures 69” x 48.25” x 84.13”. It can accommodate a heavy bag up to 100 pounds. It also comes with three weight plate pegs to help keep it in place. Like the Titan Fitness Stand, the Everlast stand does not come with weight plates. You’ll want to make sure you add enough weight to keep the stand stable. Sandbags could also help anchor this stand.

The Everlast is an excellent option for fighters who are getting started on their training endeavors and have limited funds. It’s also an excellent choice for those with limited space in their gym. Everlast offers a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for 120 days from the date of purchase.

5. Ringside Heavy Bag Stand

Ringside designed this bag stand with MMA fighters in mind. The equipment provides 180-degrees of access, allowing fighters to practice ruthless combinations of strikes, kicks, and knees.

Standout Features

  • 180-degrees of access to the bag
  • Designed for use with sandbags or weight plates
  • Made of durable steel

One of the complaints MMA fighters tend to have when using heavy bag stands is that they limit their range of motion. Ringside seeks to overcome this issue by providing a frame with 180-degrees of access. The product features a bent upper arm which allows the bag to hang close to the feet of the base, allowing fighters to practice lethal combos while moving freely around the bag.

This stand measures 35” x 50” x 95”. The company needed to build the equipment so tall to support the range of motion. Unfortunately, this could cause the bag to be too high for some fighters. The product can anchor a heavy bag that weighs up to 100 pounds.

Like other stands on our list, this stands features pegs where you can place weight plates. However, this product’s design also makes it easy to add sandbags. Ringside also makes it easy to order sandbags designed explicitly for use with this stand. Their Small Rock sandbag holds 50 pounds of sand, while the Large Rock bag holds 100 pounds of sand.

Ringside does an excellent job providing instructions to help simplify the installation process. The company offers a manufacturer’s warranty on this bag stand, although they don’t specify the length of the warranty.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Heavy Bag Stands

When you’re researching bag stands, you’ll likely find that there are numerous features available on different models. Which ones are most worth your consideration?

Weight Capacity

One of the first things you’ll want to look for when buying a heavy bag stand is the weight capacity. Before doing so, you should have an idea of the weight of the bag you wish to use.

Most fighters believe that the weight of the bag should be roughly 50 to 60 percent of your body weight. However, you’ll also need to factor height as well. Consider the following:

  • 100-pound bag – best for those 170 – 200 pounds and between 5’8” and 6.’
  • 80-pound bag – best for those between 140 – 170 pounds and between 5’5” and 5’8”
  • 60-pound bag – best for those who weigh less than 140 pounds or shorter than 5’5”

Fortunately, many of the best stands can hold a 100-pound bag, so long as you anchor them in place correctly. Make sure that your unit is sturdy enough to support your heavy bag. Similarly, if you are a heavyweight who wishes to use a bag greater than 100 pounds, you may not be able to find a stand that meets your needs.

How You Station the Stand

Some heavy bag stands are large, designed by companies to go in a corner. They stand design means that trainers need to provide a minimal anchor, if any at all, to keep the stand in place. However, these bags are quite large, and could potentially take up ample space in your gym.

These stands also tend to be more expensive and may not be best for beginners. They are an ideal option for MMA fighters though, as they typically provide 360-degrees of clearance, which allows fighters to work the bag freely.

The other type of stand commonly used is much more portable. These stands feature a narrower base, and may only provide up to 180-degrees of clearance. They may come with additional features, however, that allows trainers to maximize space in the gym. Possible add-ons include:

  • Speed Bag Hook
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Dip Bars

The two most attractive features about these stands are that they are portable and affordable. These stands could cost nearly four times less than the products above that you would place in a corner. One of the most significant downsides is that trainers need to anchor them in place using weight plates or sandbags.

The Height of the Hook

One of the other critical things to consider is the height of the hook. Stands could be attractive because they hang lower than the ceiling, which places the hook at an ideal height and prevents trainers from having to use a few feet of the chain when hanging the bag.

The more chain required to attach the bag, the more it will sway and wobble during training.

Today’s best stands allow users to adjust the height of the hook. The ability to change the hook is critical in martial arts, as it enables users to work in different areas. For instance, since MMA fighters are often on the ground, it could be in your best interest to practice punch and kick sequences where you’re punching downward. Having a stand that offers an adjustable hook makes this much more accessible.

Adjustable hooks are also useful if multiple people of different heights and weights plan to use the bag. If you hang a heavy bag from the ceiling, it’s difficult to remove it from the hook if a lightweight fighter wishes to practice. However, a stand that offers an adjustable height allows you to adjust from one fighter to the other seamlessly.

In most cases, you’ll want the bag stand to measure between 85” to 90” tall. However, the exact height that you require could depend on which heavy bag you’re using. Since the stands don’t come with a heavy bag, we recommend buying your bag before purchasing your unit. The equipment should not only fit your current bag but a bag you may grow into in the future.

Product Construction and Warranty

Another critical element to consider when investing in this equipment are the materials used in construction. Fortunately, most manufacturers use either aluminum or steel in their stand designs.

Since the bag will likely see considerable wear and tear, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a stand designed for rigorous training sessions. Some manufacturers now offer powder-coated metal, which helps make the products more resistant to rust and moisture.

You’ll also want to look into the warranty that the manufacturer offers on the bag. Most companies provide a manufacturer’s warranty. They typically last a year, although, during our research, we saw at least one company offer a 15-year guarantee on their heavy bag stand. Since you’re investing in quality gear, you’ll want to ensure that it’s built to last.

Which Punching Bag Stand Works for You?

A heavy bag can improve your training workouts drastically. Since you’re training for strength and fitness, or to become a boxer or MMA fighter, it makes the most sense for you to use a heavy bag that hangs from a hook, as opposed to a free-standing bag.

Electing to use a stand allows you to change the bag’s location, and potentially the height of the bag, at any time. These stands are far more portable and convenient than having to drill a hole into your ceiling or having to take the bag off the hook to adjust the height.

If you have adequate funds and space in your gym, we recommend the Century Cornerman bag stand. The leg extensions on this product prevent you from having to use weight plates or sandbags as an anchor. We also liked that fighters could adjust the height of the stand in a matter of seconds, making it quite the versatile option.

Before buying your new equipment, we recommend that you measure the corner in your gym where you wish to put the product. Unfortunately, the product takes up a good bit of space, although you’ll find that it’s one of the most stable punching bag stands on the market.

The bag is also quite the investment, as it’s the most expensive on our list. However, you could find a deal online, such as the one the company is currently offering on heavy bags. Because this heavy bag stand is so expensive, we recommend it for experienced fighters who are looking to take their training to the next level.

If you’re a beginner in search of a more affordable option, we recommend one of the other four options on our list. While we feel that all four are worth your consideration, if we had to pick one, we would recommend the Everlast Stand. We were most impressed with this product’s durability and the heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum.

No matter which of the above options you choose, so long as you keep the buying criteria in mind, we feel that you’ll be able to find the bag punching bag stand for home that suits your needs.

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