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Pull No Punches: Best Boxing Punch Trackers

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More people are boxing for fitness, and now with wearable technology, you can keep track of your progress in detail.  With boxing punch trackers, you can keep track of the speed of your punches, the velocity of your punches, and where they land like you never could with the naked eye. You can even get feedback between rounds, or immediately anytime. Boxing punch trackers also keep track of your progress as you continue with the sport.

With this tracker, you just attach the sensor to your wrist or hand, and the technology does the rest. it is very lightweight and almost invisible, so you won’t even notice you have it on. With this tracker, you can keep track of exactly how you are doing, and it will be even more accurate than the best coach there is.  Depending on your goals with the sport, the tracker can be used to show you where you need to improve and where you are improving. Here are three reviews of boxing punch trackers that can help you monitor your progress in the sport.

Hykso vs Corner vs StrikeTec

Hykso Corner StrikeTec
Sensors: 2 wrist Sensors: 2 wrist Sensors: 2 wrist/band
Battery: 10 hours Battery: 4+ hours Battery: 4+ hours
App: iOS and Android App: iOS and Android App: iOS and Android
Best For: Training Best For: Fight Tracking Best For: Training

Hykso Review

Hykso trackers give you immediate real-time tracking of your boxing efforts. This is great for training and monitoring your progress.

How it works: The trackers are two small devices that are very lightweight and are installed on top of your wrists. You may use a velcro-type device, or put them under your heavy bag gloves. The monitors track your every movement, tracking your speed, location of punches, and accuracy as well as velocity.

The data can be sent directly to almost any electronic device. You can have it on your Android or iOS immediately, or send it to your tablet or computer for later analysis. The battery lasts for 10 hours, so you should be able to track as long as you want to work out.

What it tracks: The Hykso boxing punch trackers monitor or track your hand movements. It can measure up to 1,000 moves per second, so it can keep track of the speed of punches, the types of punches as well as the velocity. You may also compare your efforts with others to get an idea of how you are doing. Logging your drills also allows you to measure your progress over time to see if you are getting the results you want.


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Corner Review

How it works: Corner App is another in the line of boxing punch trackers that can help you develop in the sport. This one also uses small sensors that you may attach to your wrists, under your sparring gloves. Once you have those on, you can start measuring your movements right out of the box. Corner measures your punches and measures your combinations of movements as you box.

The wireless sensors go to a device, or you can connect them to your phone. You can get immediate results between rounds if you are fighting. The value here is that it can keep track of the types of punches and combinations you are using.

What it tracks: Corner boxing punch trackers keep track of your punches obviously, but it does a lot more. It keeps up with the speed of the punches. Keeping up with combinations also is important if you are fighting, and can help you develop your strategy even as the fight continues through rounds.

StrikeTec Review

How it worksStrikeTec is very similar to Corner. This boxing punch tracker uses sensors that can be attached to each wrist, and this one has a wristband you may use to attach the sensors. The software is more focused on helping you with training than with fighting, though you may use it for both.

It keeps track of your punches, and your whole range of motions while you are training.  With it being more motion-oriented, you may also use this device for martial arts.

What it tracks: What makes this one a little different is that it is more concerned with recording motion than it is with specific punches. This would make it good for other types of sports as well. You can reach your goals faster because it not only shows you your punches, it shows you the motions you are using. With that information, you can adjust what you are doing to be more effective.

Which Punch Tracker is Best?

Each of these three devices sounds good and has its positive points. The Hykso has a 10-hour battery, while the other two have batteries rated at four hours. You won’t likely train more than four hours straight, but more does give you some flexibility.

All three devices offer real-time data, and they all can be connected to your phone or other electronic devices.

The Hykso is geared more toward training and fitness than fighting.  If you are boxing for fitness, this might be the one for you. If you are boxing for fighting, the Comer version might be best as it measures a variety of punches and moves in real-time.  The advantage of the Strike Tec is that it uses more range of motion movements, and can be used in other sports as well.

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