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5 Century BOB Workouts to Sharpen Your Combos

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The BOB (Boddy Opponent Bag) from Century Marshall Arts is a great alternative to a heavy bag. While the heavy bag is designed to help boxers develop more power, the BOB provides a balanced workout that will help everyone strengthen their boxing skills.

The major advantage of the BOB is that it gives you a realistic opponent to practice strikes and combos with. This means that users are able to design workouts, routines, and combos while modeling what happens in the boxing ring.

If you just bought a Century BOB you might be wondering what kind of workouts you can do with it. There are several century BOB drills, routines, and workouts that you can do to strengthen your boxing skills. Take a look at everything the BOB has to offer!

Benefits of a BOB Workout

The BOB and BOB XL are great for anything a regular stand up punching bag can do, but it has several advantages.

  • Realistic Punch Target– One of the biggest advantages of the BOB is that it provides someone with an anatomically realistic punch target. The point of heavy bag workouts is that they are supposed to prepare you for what is going to happen when you climb into the ring; however, it can be hard to replicate these conditions. The BOB provides a realistic punch target that allows you to do exactly that.
  • Self Defense Training– The BOB also provides you with the opportunity to practice your self-defense. Self-defense is one of the main reasons why people turn to MMA Revolution and BOB. While we hope you never need to defend yourself against anyone (outside of the boxing ring), it is still better to be prepared.
  • Substantial Target & Resistance– The BOB gives you a substantial target against which you can prepare. The BOB provides a sufficient level of resistance and will give you a significant workout when used properly. That is why we have put together a helpful list of workouts you can use to maximize the BOB.

Equipment Needed

Century B.O.B. Freestanding Training Dummy
  • Lifelike vinyl standup dummy – Perfect for Sparring and Self-defense.
  • Adjustable from 60″ to 78″ tall.
  • 270lbs when filled to capacity.
  • Century BOB or BOB XL– The Century BOB or BOB XL is a fantastic, lifelike, human training bag and provides realist training with a variety of techniques, including the workouts we are going to review below.
  • Gloves – Depending on your preferences and style, you might want to use either boxing gloves or MMA sparring gloves. You can’t punch without them, so be sure to wrap up your hands and lace your gloves. MMA fighters may prefer to use their sparring or training gloves.
  • Timer – You will want to make sure you invest in a watch or timer to track your rounds from start to finish.
  • Good Shoes – Of course, you will also need to invest in a great pair of boxing shoes. These shoes are required for footwork drills while providing the necessary traction to help you deliver your blows to the BOB with speed and power.

5 Century BOB Workouts You Can Do

We have put together a helpful list of four workouts that will help you get started with your BOB training. Some of these workouts might be aimed more for beginners; however, everyone still has to start somewhere.

Once you have the ideas and understand the Century BOB instructions, you will be able to build any type of routine you want. You can tailor these workouts to your individual skill and experience level, allowing you to get better with each workout.

Without further ado, get to work and start beating up your Century BOB!

1. 3 Minute Round for Beginners – Pride Martial Arts

This 3-minute workout has been designed for beginners. Before starting this routine, people should know how to breathe while punching and also be familiar with shadowboxing. In order to carry out this routine:

  • Start on the outside and find the range with straight punches
  • Be sure to land the punches with a little bit of ranging still in the arm so that the force is delivered with the follow-through
  • Be sure to through both to the head and the body with controlled breathing
  • After getting comfortable with straight punches, practice throwing hooks
  • In order to throw hooks, you will need to inch forward because the path of a hook punch is going to be longer
  • Once in close, you can throw uppercuts as well
  • Practice pushing off the front foot to play defense, imagining the Century BOB is throwing punches as well

The biggest goal of this routine is to help someone practice not only throwing different types of punches but also to learn about the range of the various punches. This workout should strengthen not only the arms but also the core and legs as well.

Be sure to get close when delivering hooks and uppercuts. It will take some practice to build the endurance required for a full three minute round.

2. 7 Minute Self Defense Routine – Nick Drossos

This is a great self-defense routine for those who want to work on their defensive skills on the Century BOB. This self-defense routine is going to take about seven minutes to go through in its entirety. The steps of this routine include:

  • Palm strikes for 45 seconds, focusing on the sides and front of the head and face
  • Throat strikes for 45 seconds using the hands and forearms, focusing on both the front and sides and the neck
  • Hammer fists targeting the nose and jaw for 45 seconds
  • Finger jabs for 45 seconds targeting the eyes, remembering to keep the wrists locked and using the thumbs as well
  • Elbow strikes for 45 seconds targeting the sides of the face and neck
  • Knee strikes to the body for 45 seconds while wrapping the arms around the neck of the Century Bob to brace yourself
  • The “BOB Killer” for 45 seconds, which combines all of these moves in a final flurry

This self-defense routine is designed to be a full-body workout. It is going to be exhausting at first; however, this can also be used to help you build up your stamina.

3. BOB Striking Routines – Eric Foxman

This routine is used to help you improve your strikes by working on your speed, flexibility, coordination, and stamina.

To start, set up a three-quarter stance with the left foot forward (if you are right-handed). Then, from this position, jab ten times with the left hand. The goal isn’t to push or launch with the feet but simply jab to the face and body to get warmed up before going to with double jabs.

Once warmed up, you can deliver a cross with the right, turning the hip and driving with the lower body. Work the crosses in with the jab. Alternate jabs and crosses for ten punches.

After you are comfortable with jabs and crosses, you can add in hooks and uppercuts. Use the lower body and feet to adjust the range from the BOB. Then, come up with a striking routine using jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts to the head and body.

4. BOB Body Shots Routines

This final workout will help you learn how to deliver body shots. When you do drills for body shots, you want to practice adjusting your range from the BOB quickly before you adjust either a straight hook or a shovel hook. You’ll want to target certain parts of the body, such as the liver or spleen.

When doing this drill, start with a jab first. This will mask your movement into the BOB, where you can set up your range to deliver a solid body shot. When you move in and deliver either a straight or shovel hook, practice ducking a punch from the Century BOB as well. Vary your straight and shovel hooks.

5. BOB XL Workout Program

Century BOB Training DVD

The final workout is actually the BOB XL Training Program DVD that Century Martial Arts produced with the Kovar brothers, Dave and Tim. They operate a group of martial arts schools and are highly respected award-winning instructors. The 33 minute DVD give you access to world-class training on the BOB standup dummy.

A Few Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the many workouts that someone can use with the Century BOB. This is one of the most popular boxing and MMA practice tools on the market today.

Whether someone is a seasoned boxer or MMA fighter or is just trying to get in shape, these Century BOB workouts are fantastic.

They can be designed for weight loss, fitness, or even training for a professional fight. Try to keep each workout focused on one aspect of fighting at a time. Then, vary the workouts to keep them interesting, challenging, fun, and enjoyable!

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