Creed Focus Mitts Review

Century Creed Focus Mitts Review: Solid Performers

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Century Martial Arts have had somewhat of a hit or miss reputation for their gear in the last few years. However, with the release of the Creed line of gear, they are looking to leave that reputation in the past.

Most of the Creed pieces have been impressive, especially the Thai Pads and Heavy Bag Gloves. The Creed Focus Mitts look just as interesting, and that’s what we’ll focus on in this review.

The Creed is available in both short and long style mitts, and we’ll cover aspects of both in this review.

Cool Design

Like the rest of the Creed line, the Focus Mitts have a very cool and sleek looking design. They are predominantly black with white trim.

Both the long and short version of the mitts has a simple, clean Century logo in the center of the pad, and a white text logo across the back of the hand pockets. It really looks great. Even the alternating black and white piping over the wrist strap looks fresh.

Creed Focus Mitts - Great Looks

Fit and Feel: Curved and Comfortable

The feel and comfort of punch mitts are almost as important as its functionality. In that regard, the Creed Focus Mitts appear to have hit the mark. The pads are slightly curved and are a bit smaller than the standard sized pads.

Hands – The handholds are on the smaller side. This is probably a good thing because they are constructed out of leather, so they should be too loose once broken in. Yes, these mitts fit a bit tight for guys with larger hands at first, but they do loosen up and fit nicely once worked in.

Back to the hand fit. In addition to the palm and finger pockets, there is a wrist strap with an open area in between. This should actually give your hands a bit more flexibility and freedom in their movement, which I consider a plus.

In the palm of each glove is a ball shaped grip. This feature provides excellent control over the movement of the mitts. You can quickly move side to side, or rotate down to catch a kick.

The bottom line is, people will with normal to smaller hands will find these mitts fit great out of the box. While those with bigger, fatter hands will take some work to stretch out the handholds.

 Creed Focus Mitts, Curved Pads

Wrist – The wrist strap has a great design that is quite functional. The strap is mostly leather, with some elastic, which has a cinching effect and helps to lock down the glove to your wrist.

The strap is a bit stiff out of the box and appears to require some breaking in, but this really adds to the secure feeling of the pads. These punch mitts should last years, and some users have admitted they could benefit from some additional strap padding.

Cleaning and Maintenance – Even with the breathable mesh backing, your hands will still sweat. But the lack of cloth liner makes it dead simple to clean and maintain. You can simply wipe them out with a clean damp cloth and let them air dry.

Solid Build Quality

From all the photos we’ve reviewed, the stitching is exceptionally clean and tight. The threads itself looks great and expect it to be strong.

There appears to be a high level of attention to detail in every aspect of the Creed Focus Mitt. Every component of the mitt seems to be equally well constructed. The mesh material that the mitt is constructed from is tough, yet breathable. Even the screen printing looks elegant yet simple in its approach.

It seems a lot of guys have grown tired of hook and loop fasteners, but in the case of the Creed Focus Mitt, Century has developed a strap and clasp that is both functional and strong.

Creed Focus Mitts - Comfortable Strap

There are a few minor nitpicks regarding the quality of these mitts. First thing is that after using them for a while the hands and wrist will see moisture build up from sweat, and some rust can form on the ring inside of the strap.

Another user noticed that the lining in the hand pockets had started to loosen from the mitt. Keep in mind this guy had put hundreds of training rounds into these mitts before these issues came to light. They also appear to be an intermittent thing, as you might see them on one mitt and not the other.

While those things can be a little unpleasant to the eye, the overall performance of the mitt is not compromised.

Great Overall Performance

If you run a gym or use focus mitts as part of your training (as you should be), then your mitts must be of fine materials and construction, durable, and feel right in the hands. The Creed Focus Mitts are up to that challenge.

The padding performs well no matter what you throw at it, punches, kicks, or elbows. They picked a lightweight foam that creates a lovely smack sensation, yet is quite resilient at absorbing the strikes, and recovering. Most crappy mitts degrade after moderate use, so this should really ease the pain you feel from constant use.

The small size of the short mitts is great for really working on your accuracy. They aren’t the smallest mitts around but they are great for a good challenge. If you aren’t sure, maybe the Creed Long Mitts would be better for you, or perhaps the excellent Thai Pads would be better.

Final Thoughts: Good Buy

Overall, the Creed Focus Mitts are a worthy addition to the boxing and MMA arena. They not only perform as expected, but they incorporate a modern design that is very appealing. While they are not the cheapest focus mitts, the makeup for it in durability and longevity.

While no glove is perfect, these included, the advantages found in these mitts far outweigh any of the downsides mentioned here. They are a good buy for skilled boxers to total newbies.

Photo Credits: Century Martial Arts / Pinterest, clamptastic / PhotoBucket

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