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Everlast Omniflex Review: A Freestanding Reflex Hybrid

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Standing punching bags are popular with the general fitness crowd, and for good reason. They are easy to work with, great for cardio, and perfect for use in home gyms.

The leader in the free standing heavy bag category is Century, with their highly rated Wavemaster XXL and Torrent bags. With the Everlast Omniflex, we have a more affordable option, so let’s dive into whether it’s a good alternative.

Features, Specs, and Size

Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Rounded Fitness Training Adjustable Boxing and MMA Core Punching...
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Omniflex Pros & Cons


  • Great for Fitness: The base has some spring to it, meaning it will bounce back from punches and kicks. The rocking forward on the rebound simulates a person coming at you, allowing you to practice dodging and responding. It’s a lot like a reflex bag! If your goal is cardio, endurance, or self-defense, this is an important consideration.
  • Low-Profile Rounded Design: The round base and bag enable easy movement around the target. This gives you access to all sides of the bag, allowing you to simulate a real fight. The ability to move from side to side also helps improve hand-eye coordination. With a low base, you can kick the bag without worrying about injury or obstruction.
  • Flexible Neck: The neck of the freestanding bag absorbs hits well, letting you punch with power without the base moving along the floor much. For those who have a more powerful swing, you can fill the base with sand to reduce movement further.
  • Soft Foam Chamber: The core of the punching bag is filled with foam, perfect for absorbing punches without hurting hands. Meanwhile, the Nevatear outer shell ensures that the bag stands up to a good beating for years to come. It won’t rip or tear like equipment of lesser quality.
The flexible, rebounding action of the Omniflex.

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  • Attractive Colors: With simple black and red coloration, it is subdued enough to place in any room. It coordinates well with most gym equipment but can stand unnoticed in bedrooms, rec rooms, and others until needed.
  • Adjustable Base Weight: The punching bag’s base takes both water and sand. For an easier setup process, you can simply fill the base with water. The spout makes it simple to pour it in and have your punching bag ready in less than an hour. If you want greater punch resistance and less floor movement, use sand. (Setup notes below.)
  • Adjustable Height: The Omniflex punching bag has an 8-inch height range, making it suitable for middle schoolers to tall adults. Reviews consistently highlight this as one of the selling points, as tall men who regularly work out can get a good session from it. It performs well for high kicks, knees, elbows, and punches for people of any height, though you may need to experiment with the exact height to maximize usefulness.
  • Space Efficient: With a small base and two-foot width and depth profile, you can store this in any corner. Pull it out when you want to use it and put it back when done. For those who have a home gym or garage, it easily stays out of the way even without moving it around. If you’re worried about being able to drag it around, fill it with water to lighten the load.
  • Good for All Genders: Women are frequent buyers of Omniflex. It easily accommodates women of average height, ranging from 5’5” to 6’0”.


  • Some Say the Cushion Is Quite Hard: Although the bag is filled with foam, some people say the cushion is harder than they’d like. A few reviewers recommend buying gloves and taping your wrists and knuckles before using them. This is especially important for novices who have never tried boxing or used a punching bag before. Once you’re used to it, you can make your own decisions about protection level.
  • Beware of the Rebound: Although the bag’s spring-back ability is a benefit in simulating a real fight, it can pose a danger if you’re not used to it. Be careful in meeting it with punches or kicks on the rebound, as it may impact your joints and bones with more force than is healthy.
  • Setup can Frustrate: While the setup is not long, it can be a hassle. Especially if you are using sand, it is difficult to pour down the base spout, which is angled. Water is easier, especially if you’re able to use a hose to direct the water. Sand requires a funnel and tipping the base will help. Two people are better than one when it comes to setup.
Everlast Omniflex Set Up in Garage
Sized for home gym setups.
  • Not Super Heavy: For those who are used to using a punching bag, this one may not prove heavy enough. With a lighter profile, ideal for kids, novices, and smaller women, it may frustrate those who are older, larger or further along in their boxing journey. It is great for attaining skill and accuracy but may not provide enough bang for those who really want to power blast.
  • Large Base Size: Although one of the stated selling points of the Omniflex freestanding bag is its smaller base size and easy use, some take issue with the base anyway. It certainly requires more awareness of one’s feet than a hanging bag does and will prevent getting right up close to the bag.
  • Better for Cardio Than Power: Although some may say the cardio focus is a pro, others cite it as a drawback. While you can get up a good sweat while using the bag, the considerable rebound and lighter profile do make it less than ideal for power punches.

Setting Up the Omniflex

Assembly of the Omniflex is not super difficult, though as already stated, it may prove a bit of a challenge.

While you don’t need any special tools or equipment, you should set aside an hour or two to get it set up.

If you can, enlist a friend or family member for the job, which will make it go faster and prevent potential frustration.

Here’s the basic setup process:

  1. If you are using sand to fill, you will need to get this ahead of time. You can buy sand in regular home improvement stores by weight. The Omniflex takes 200 pounds, so if the weight isn’t obvious (it usually is marked on the bag), ask for help to ensure you get enough. If you have a free source of sand, like a beach nearby, it’s totally fine to use that instead.
  2. If possible, place a rubber flooring mat underneath the area where you’ll keep your punching bag. This will prevent damage to the floor, reduce noise, and dampen movement.
  3. Open your box and lay out all the parts, checking against the manual to ensure you have them all. You will be able to assemble the punching bag using your home toolbox and whatever the company sends, but it’s still important to ensure you have everything before getting started.
  4. Follow instructions to slip the tubes into one another and secure them to the base with the hardware.
  5. Tip the base slightly to fill with water or sand. If you are using sand, use a funnel and slowly pour the sand in to avoid unnecessary spills.
  6. Vacuum up any remaining sand or wipe up any water.
  7. Store the manual somewhere you’ll know to look for it if you need to make a fix or reorder parts down the road. Store extra parts in the same place.

How to Use the Omniflex

Here’s a quick tutorial for getting started using your new punching bag:

  • Adjust the punching bag to match your height comfortably. In general, you should adjust the bag higher if you want to use it for kicks and lower if you want to use it for punches.
  • Get boxing gloves and tape if needed.
  • If you are a novice, watch videos to learn how to punch rather than simply going for it, which is a good way to get injured. Also learn the proper use of tape and gloves.
  • Start slowly, trying different punches and kicks while you learn how the punching bag moves. Stay out of its way as it rebounds until you have a real feel for it.
  • If the punching bag squeaks annoyingly, wrap the hook it swings from with tape. You can also try WD-40 or another lubricant.

Is the Omniflex a Good Buy?

The Omniflex is a solid choice, but it’s not for everyone. Fitness and cardio boxers can pick up this free-standing bag with confidence. It’s ideally suited for light punchers and cardio work.

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Heavy hitters and serious boxers should skip this one and go for a traditional heavy bag like the Everlast Powershot punching bag. It is a much heavier bag, built to take the punishment of stronger boxers.

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