Outlsayer Heavy Bag Reviews

Outslayer Heavy Bag Reviews: Bags Built to Last

Step outside the main stream heavy bag brands like Everlast and Ringside, and you will find the gem of a brand called Outslayer. Outslayer is a Los Angeles based manufacturer of professional grade fight gear, and very popular among fighting sports enthusiasts.

Outslayer’s equipment is geared towards serious mixed martial arts training use and is built to last. Every product they make comes with a 10 year warranty which is almost unheard of. Buying a quality heavy bag is an investment, so we’ve reviewed the most popular Outlsayer heavy bags to help you make that choice.

Outslayer makes two styles of heavy bags, one for Boxing/MMA and another for Mauy Thai/kickboxing. There are several sizes of each, so use this handy comparison chart to quickly determine which bags are right for you.

Model:Specs:Check Price:
Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag 100lb
  • Filled: 100lbs
  • Length: 5 ft
  • Diam: 12 in


Outslayer MMA Heavy Bag 80lb
  • Filled: 80lbs
  • Length: 4 ft
  • Diam: 12 in


Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag 130lb
  • Filled: 130lbs
  • Length: 6 ft
  • Diam: 12 in


Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag 150lb
  • Unfilled: 150lb
  • Length: 6 ft
  • Diam: 14 in


Benefits of Outslayer Heavy Bags

First, let’s quickly cover the benefits of buying an Outlsayer bag, over some of the more well-known brands.

  • Solid Reputation – Spend some time in the Sherdog forums, and you will find most people have nothing but praise for the quality of their products.
  • 10yr Warranty – All their heavy bags come standard with a 10 year warranty. If something goes wrong with your bag, simply email a picture to customer support and they can take care of you. Try finding that with the other brands!
  • Made in the USA – All Outslayer products, including the heavy bags and heavy bag stands are manufactured in Los Angeles.
  • Quality Craftsmanship – A company that offers a 10 year warranty would never survive without quality materials and craftsmanship. The heavy bags are all made with top notch materials and designed to last.

Outslayer Boxing/MMA Heavy Bag Review

Some of the most popular Outslayer heavy bags are their traditional 100 and 80 pound punching bags. These bags are perfect for gym owners as well as people looking to add a punching bag to their home gym. As you will see, the quality you get for the price is what sets Outslayer apart from the rest.

Size: The 100lb bag is about 60” tall, while the 80lb is 48” tall. Both size bags are about 12 inches in diameter. The four hanging straps with D loops at the top add around 10” to the overall length. You can comfortably hang these bags from heights as low as 7 feet and as high as 12.

Construction: Outslayer MMA heavy bags are built with a heavy duty vinyl shell. At the top they stitch the four hanger straps a food 10-12 inches down the top of the shell and reinforce them with another strap wrapping around the diameter of the bag.

Then there are the 2 large chrome D rings where you attach the bag to a stand or hanging hardware. The great thing about this design is you don’t need to use chains to secure the four points to your mounting point.

Performance: The Outslayer heavy bags come prefilled with hydraulically compacted materials. This provides a really nice striking feel. It’s firm enough to provide resistance, but not too hard to be uncomfortable. Unlike cheaper heavy bags, there is no sand bags inside that can shift around over time.

Punching the Outslayer, you should notice it has even density for a nice center of gravity in the middle of the bag. Heavy bags like this swing smoothly without the bouncing you can get on a bottom weighted heavy bag.

The quality vinyl materials, compressed filler, and 10 year warranty of this bag earns our highest recommendations. Factor in the 10 year warranty, made in the USA, and the Outslayer heavy bag is an excellent choice.

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Review

If you like to mix in kicks into your heavy bag workouts, you’ll want the longer Muay Thai style heavy bag. The Outslayer Muay Thai heavy bag is extremely popular with kickboxing gyms, but tons of people are putting them in basement and garage gyms.

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Size: Both the 130 and 150 lb versions are a full 6 feet tall plus the 12 inches of strap length. That extra foot of bag allows it to hang lower where you can deliver those Thai kicks. The diameter is 12” on the 130lb bag, the same as the MMA heavy bag, so it’s the extra foot that provides the extra weight. The 150lb version is a stout 14 inches around and is the best for more powerful kicks and punches.

Construction: Everything about the Muay Thai bag construction is the same as on the Outslayer boxing bags. The shell is a smooth, heavy duty vinyl, with the trademark white screen printed lettering. Also on these bags are the reinforced vinyl straps with D rings for mounting. Look below for instructions on how to fill the 150lb bag.

The main issue people have with the Outslayer bags is the lettering will eventually start to wear off after a lot of use. But does that really matter when the bag itself is so tough?

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Performance: Many reviewers say the Outslayer Muay Thai bag is a joy to work with. The thick walled vinyl and heavy stitching really provide a sense of confidence that you can really unload on the bag. Since it’s a longer heavy bag, it’s going to swing a little bit, especially on your high powered kicks. The solution is to get a D ring on the bottom of the bag where you can attach a base to stabilize the movement.

How to Fill your Heavy Bag

For shipping reasons the 150lb version does not come pre-filled. You will have to fill this bag yourself. Outslayer recommends you only use fabric scraps to fill their heavy bags. You can cut up old shirts, jeans, towels, and sheets for your filling.

If you can’t find enough fabric in your home, try hitting up some garage sales for cheap shirts to cut up. Then you need to use some elbow grease to compress the fabric into the density you need for a solid punching surface.

Some alternate materials you can use are ground up rubber mulch, or cellulose insulation. Those options are more costly than old clothing, but they can provide that nice dense fill for punching that you get with compressed fabrics.

Setting up an Outslayer Heavy Bag

Before you buy your heavy bag, you should have a basic plan for where you’re going to set it up. For gyms it’s pretty easy. The bags will mount to any existing permanently hung heavy bag hardware, and works with any other heavy bag stand.

A great option for setting up in a home gym, is the heavy bag stand made specifically by Outslayer for their heavy bags. Rather than permanently mounting the bag in a way that could damage your home structurally, they have a really nice stand design that can be set up anywhere you have the space.

Outslayer Heavy Bag Stand Review

If hanging a bag is not feasible for you, your last option is a metal framed bag stand. Not all stands are equal of course, and if you compare the Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag Stand to other lower cost options, you can see a difference in design.

Those cheaper heavy bag stands have a U shaped base with welded arms coming up to the main vertical member. The problem here is you cannot kick the bag and be confident you won’t crush your foot on the support arms. The bag simply gets to close for comfort.

The Outslayer Muay Thai Stand is different. It uses a tall upright frame, from square steel tubing. Then at the ground it has a welded base with holes for three square tubing legs. The leg length is adjustable, and creates the stability and the clearance needed for landing kicks.

The rear leg can be moved in shorter to fit nicely into a corner.  The whole thing goes together with 5 bolts, and should take you 15-30 minutes to assemble. Then all you have to do is put sand in the 4 sand bags and you’re ready to go.

Take note that this is a large heavy bag stand. It requires an 8 foot ceiling to have clearance. Yes, there will be some wobble in the upright part of the stand, but the base itself should be very steady, even with strong teep kicks and roundhouses.

Featured Photo courtesy Outslayer.com

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