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Should You Fill a Wavemaster Punching Bag with Sand or Water?

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Century Wavemaster free standing punching bags are fantastic fitness tools for home gyms. To get the most out of your punching bag, you must fill the base properly to keep the bag stable during your workout sessions.

The two most common fill materials are sand and water. But how do you know when to fill your Wavemaster with sand or water? There is no single answer as everyone’s situation is a little different, but in general, follow these guidelines:

  • Fill the Base with Sand if you need the most weight in the base to prevent the bag from moving, and do not plan on moving your punching bag anytime soon.
  • Fill the Base with Water if you are not a heavy puncher, plan on moving the bag frequently, or do not want the hassle of dealing with sand.

The beauty of the Wavemaster base is the ability to add or remove weight whenever you want. Try less weight for cardio kickboxing or try more for harder kicks and punching routines. The choice is yours. Feel free to experiment!

Sand vs. Water as a Base Fill

Water – Pros & Cons

  • Totally Free – All you need is a faucet or hose, and you can fill up your Wavemaster base in minutes! Century recommends filling their punching bags with water for all but the largest people or hardest strikers.
  • Easy to Completely Fill Base – Unlike sand, water will easily fill every part of the base.
  • Easy to Empty – To empty the base of water, you must tip it on the side and empty the water over a drain. If no drain is nearby, use a bowl or pan to get started and roll it outside once enough weight is removed.
  • Not the Heaviest Base Fill – As mentioned earlier, sand is heavier than water. If you find yourself constantly knocking over your punching bag, that is a sign you need to move to sand as fill material.
  • Water can Spoil – If you leave water in the base long enough, algae, mildew, and other stinky organisms can begin to grow in the base, leaving you with a cleaning project when it’s time to empty the base.

Sand – Pros & Cons

  • Makes the Base Heavier – Sand is approximately 45% denser than water. The typical Century BOB and Wavemaster punching bag base can hold up to 4 cubic feet of water, which is about 250lbs. The same amount of sand would weigh 362lbs.
  • Better Stability – With more weight comes more stability for your punching bag. You can deliver harder punches and kicks without the bag sliding or tipping across the floor.
  • Cheap to Buy – Bags of sand are inexpensive, typically costing $5-6/50lbs, and can be readily bought at your local home improvement stores. You will need five to six 50lb bags of sand to fully fill a Wavemaster punching bag base.
  • Adds Cost to Your System – A new Wavemaster punching bag will set you back several hundred dollars. Using sand to fill the base adds another $30-40 on top of that.
  • Harder to Fill – Sand does not like to fill all nooks and crannies of the base without a little help. You will need to shake it around and push sand into the sides, making the process a workout.
  • More Difficult to Empty – You can’t just drain sand out like water. You need to move it outdoors or empty it partially in place before rolling it outside. Then you will still be left with a mess to vacuum up at the end.

How to Fill a Punching Bag Base with Sand or Water

Water Fill Process

Filling the bag with water is quite easy. Set up your bag near where you plan to use it. If you can avoid it, don’t fill it with water outside unless you have a way to transport it safely to your workout area.

Now grab the garden hose and run it over to that location. Fill the base with water until a few inches from the cap. Getting the base as full as possible will ensure you get enough stability in the bag to prevent knocking it over. You can also add anti-mildew tablets to prevent the water from getting stinky.

Tip: Grab a friend or prop up the base with wood, so the fill port is on the high side. This will let you fill up that last 10-20% of the base completely with water.

Sand Fill Process

Filling your punching bag base with sand properly will take time and money, but it’s well worth the effort. A sand-filled base will better withstand kicks and punches without sliding or tipping. Every time the bag tips it interrupts your routine.

Items you will need:

  • 5 to 6 bags of 50lb sand. Quickrete sand works very well.
  • Wide Funnel (to prevent spilling)
  • Garden Scoop
  • Garden Hose (optional)

Using the scoop and funnel, slowly dump sand down the base’s opening. After each bag of sand is empty, shake the base to level out the sand to make room for the next one.

To get the absolute most sand in the base possible, use the hose to wash a little water into the base to push the sand further inside after each ½ bag. Then tip the base over to get the excess water out.

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